Creators of the Youtube Super Hero Motion Comic Autogen Announce Bold Fundraising Campaign

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Autogen Is the Story of a Young Man Faced with Difficult Decisions in a World Where Morality is Cloudy and Every Choice Carries Compelling Consequences


(EMAILWIRE.COM, December 09, 2013 ) Beverly Hills, CA -- The creator of Autogen, a Youtube based motion comic produced in Germany and written for English and German speaking audiences, recently announced that he has launched a fundraising campaign on to help raise money to finish the final three episodes of season one of the series. Autogen is an expertly written, exquisitely crafted and beautifully animated motion comic show that delves into one of the deepest moral questions humans face, which is “what would you do if you were in someone else’s position?”

The story centers around a young man who is determined to make a difference by trying to do what is right in a world where morality is cloudy and many choices offer no clear right or wrong answer. The creator of Autogen challenges people to remember times when they regret not taking action when they had the opportunity to do something that was right or important and strives to motivate the audience to make changes in their own lives.

The first six episodes of season one, which run approximately ten minutes each, are already complete and ready to air, but the producers need another €4,500 or $6,200 to finish the remaining three episodes. The creator of Autogen has invested nearly $15,000 of his own money, but when the project ran over budget due to unexpected costs associated with voice acting, he was no longer able to fund the remainder of the show.

The producers of Autogen are offering some exciting rewards for people who contribute on various levels to the completion of the series, such as having their faces animated into one or more of the episodes or even as a main character. Other rewards include a DVD copy of season one, a replica of the leather jacket the main character wears, and the most generous contributors will have the opportunity to work with the staff at Autogen as a producer or co-producer. offers a great way to raise money for a project that is exciting and innovative, like Autogen. Anyone interested in learning more about how to raise money for their project is encouraged to visit

About Autogen:

Autogen is a youtube-based motion comic about a young man trying to make a difference. He is struggling to do what is right in an ignorant world and will often be faced with difficult choices with no clear right or wrong answer. There are many important aspects to this, such as the struggles he discovers, as well as the complications of maintaining relationships with peers while leaving normal life behind. Autogen started out as a autobiographical fiction in 2009, and was inspired by key moments from the author’s own life, who has woven it into a compelling Super Hero story. For more information, please visit


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