Foundation Repair and House Leveling: Get Your Foundation Fixed In Order to Protect Your Home Value

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Foundation Repair Pros Dallas promotes preserving real estate values with expert repair technologies


Foundation Repair Pros

Foundation Repair Dallas

(EMAILWIRE.COM, December 09, 2013 ) Dallas, TX -- The technical specialists at Foundation Repair Pros Dallas, in a joint venture with Accurate Foundation Repair have recently teamed up to promote the concept of “recovering and maintaining property values” by getting a failing foundation fixed. “It’s an easily understood concept by both homeowners and real estate agents when they realize that a property won’t sell unless the foundation issues are fixed and pass inspection,” stated K.C. Meyer, CEO of Foundation Repair Pros. With visible cracks in the flooring, walls, around windows, or exterior brick, the only buyers are investors who demand significant price discounts for an all cash deal.

Texas is a great place to live but one downside is the extensive presence of expansive clay soil. These soils tend to shrink during dry periods, and then expand during wet periods. Without proper maintenance, the foundations of homes built on these soils can experience what is known as “edge lift” where the perimeter of the foundation can rise faster than the interior drier sections. Likewise, the opposite can occur when the perimeter soil shrinks due to lack of moisture and the foundation lowers. In either case, these conditions can result in extensive breaks, fissures and cracks. Water management is the key to a healthy foundation states Bill Thomas, of Accurate Foundation Repair. Correcting the cause of foundation failure is always the first priority in any repair project. The company offers a variety of water management solutions including plumbing repairs, moisture barriers, French or surface drains and lot reshaping.

Once the moisture issues are corrected, many solutions to level the foundation are available. The specific fix depends on onsite conditions including the type of foundation (slab or pier and beam), soil conditions, location of pressure points and of course, budget considerations. Several types of piering techniques can be engineered including helical steel piers, drilled bell bottom piers or concrete piers. In some cases, mud-jacking techniques can be used on light structures such as driveways, porches or sidewalks. Foundation Repair Pros offer a free, no obligation inspection which will be accompanied by a detailed proposal and discussion of financing options.

The cost of foundation repair is always the key driver in any foundation repair project. Looking at the big picture, the overall cost of a “typical” foundation repair project in the DFW area will be in the range of $2,000 on the low end, up to $30,000 on the high end, with the “average” at about $5,000 to $7,000. In the context of the cost, it's important to check on your insurance policy to answer the question: Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Repair? See our website for further guidance.

Our service area is a 30 mile radius around the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex with satellite locations including Arlington Office, Fort Worth Office, and Denton Office.

About Foundation Repair Pros Dallas
Foundation Repair Pros Dallas, in association with Bill Thomas at Accurate Foundation Repair is the premiere solution to residential and commercial foundation issues in the DFW region. Mr. Thomas holds leadership positions in the national and local boards of the Foundation Repair Association and is a Master Instructor for the Certified Foundation Repair Specialist program.

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