USB 8-Pin IPhone 5 Cable Offers Lifetime Warranty

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iPhone 5 Cable is Compatible with Apple and PC Devices


(EMAILWIRE.COM, December 23, 2013 ) Los Angeles, CA -- How does the 100% reversible iPhone 5 Cable work? Many people believe that the USB 8-Pin IPhone 5 Cable is a small version of the Apple 30-pin port. Anyone can use the iPhone 5 cable. But how does it work?

Each of the side of the 8-Pin connector are pins with numbers that range from one to eight. The first pin on top is dedicated for USB power and is symmetrical. Essentially, this means that pin numbered eight at the bottom has a similar function as pin one at the top. Therefore, whether the plug is flipped around, the power pin remains in the same place.

However, data pins are quire different. For one, such pins are asymmetrical that if the plug is flipped around, the pins fall in different places. For instance, data+ pin 2 on the bottom is connected electrically with pin 2 at the top. When the cable is flipped around, it then connects to a different contact place in the phone. It is the iPhone 5 that dynamically assigns functions to pins via a special chip present within the phone.

According to Apple, the connectors utilize solely the pins required for specific accessories and applications. Plus, the iPhone 5 is checking the kind of data that comes from a pin. It then adjusts spontaneously as necessary as based on the plug's orientation. Such a feature allows the iPhone 5 cable to be 100% reversible.
Its two-in-one functionality allows the iPhone 5 cable to function as a charger as well as to sync data easily with available lifetime warranty.

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