Vehicular Technologies Launches Drying Towel In Tough Direct To Consumer Market

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Launching a well-known product in the direct-to-consumer market for the first time, VehicularTechnologies advances microfiber drying towel technology for home and auto marketplaces


(EMAILWIRE.COM, November 27, 2013 ) Vancouver, BC -- Vehicular Technologies has announced that it is moving into the direct-to-consumer market in addition to its previous B2B (business-to-business) structure. Premium technologically advanced products for passenger car and truck owners is a growing market, and VT says it plans to be a strong competitor in the field.

"We are excited to announce the launch of our first direct consumer product, and hope to give a broader section of the public an opportunity to try our high tech products that make cars and trucks more beautiful and fun to drive," said Michael Blackmore, co-founder of Vehicular Technologies. "Although we have enjoyed working exclusively in the automotive aftermarket industry, selling to niche automotive firms such as car dealerships, automotive detailers, and car washing firms, selling directly to customers will give us faster feedback, and allow us to further refine our products to make them even more useful," said Blackmore.

The company emphasizes environmentally sound products that offer a synergy based on technology, resulting in superior products that are less harmful to the planet. For example, its Guzzling Giant fast drying towel uses the latest microfiber construction techniques resulting in a cloth that soaks up water much better than traditional leather chamois or cotton towels. According to VT, the strength of the towel means that it withstands hundreds, even thousands, of washings, and thus reduces the impact on landfills across the nation. Furthermore, microfiber technology means that cleaning can be done with far fewer, or no, chemicals, once again resulting in less impact on the environment.

Vehicular Technologies chose as the exclusive platform for reaching consumers based on the high level of trust the retailer enjoys with the public. An introductory pricing plan includes a huge discount for shoppers seeking Christmas gifts on Amazon's large web site. More products from the company's lineup will be released in the coming months.

About Vehicular Technologies

Vehicular Technologies creates and distributes technologically advanced products for the automotive industry, focusing on consumer-driven cars and trucks. The company places an emphasis on environmentally friendlier car products that perform as well or better than traditional products. Vehicular Technologies has a history of working in the B2B arena in the automotive aftermarket industry, and is in the process of expanding to sell directly to consumers as well. It previously sold only to franchises and niche automotive firms such as automotive detailers, car dealerships, and car washing firms.

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